One Too Many Collapses…

Reflecting on the recent and highly devastating collapse of a 21-storey building Ikoyi, which happened earlier this week, first off, our thoughts and prayers go out to the victims’ families and loved ones. Back to our thoughts, Lagos skyline has been inundated with promising and beautiful edifices which ensure Lagos remains at the precipice of […]

An assessment of Airbnb in Nigeria

Airbnb, originally called AirBed & Breakfast, is an online marketplace that offers lodging and connects travelers with local hosts. The founders of the company started by hosting guests on air mattresses in their living room, effectively turning their apartment into a bed and breakfast. They did this when all the hotels around them were fully […]

Survival instinct of real estate during recession

The pending COVID-19 pandemic has incessantly represented an unprecedented disruption to the global economy and world trade at large as such consumption and production have declined across the globe with real estate included. The implication of this decline in global trade forces countries into recession. The Pandemic currently undermines countries’ effort to foster trade and […]